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Inpatient Care

Maryland Treatment Center offers substance abuse treatment on an inpatient, or residential, basis.  Inpatient addiction treatment is designed for individuals experiencing symptoms related to acute or chronic drug and alcohol symptoms.  Our inpatient addiction treatment programs are highly specialized and takes into consideration each person's unique medical circumstances as well as individual lifestyle and specific obstacles to recovery. 


While many think that inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is just about detox, it is also about so much more. It is true that drug and alcohol inpatient treatment begins with detox. However, the purpose of detox is simply to stabilize you while your body rids itself of the drugs and prepares you to begin treatment. At Maryland Treatment Center, we start by meeting with you to create an individualized treatment plan that meets you where you are. Your treatment plan will include group and individual therapy of varying types, skills groups, and activities that are all intended to help you learn how to build a life in recovery. 


Once you put down the drugs and alcohol, we help you learn what life without them can look like for you. In treatment, you’ll participate in individual and group therapy to understand what brought you to addiction and how to live a life outside of it. You will also build a recovery toolkit that you’ll take with you into the future. We’ll help you learn how things like breathing, yoga, and movement can serve you when stressful circumstances arise. The goal of treatment is to help you break free of the addiction and then begin the work of life in recovery. Inpatient treatment is the cornerstone of your sober life. 

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